Welcome to the Centre for Resilience and Sustainable Development. We focus on fostering sustainable, equitable, inclusive and resilient futures through transformative action-research using systems-focused approaches and radical collaboration. Our work is grounded in academic rigour and a commitment to sustainability and social equity.

The Centre’s founder and Director, Dr Nazia M. Habib, started CRSD to meet the urgent need to embed complex system thinking, creative design, political economics and related disciplines, into policy and strategy development in a way that is fast, accessible and usable by a wide range of stakeholders.  Too often the invaluable insights and tools from political science, sustainability science, and participatory research are siloed or locked away in academia.

Our collective backgrounds in economics, governance, behavioural science, sustainability, geography, communications and political science means that we focus our projects, predominantly, on systems based problems involving sustainable development, political leadership, social justice and peace building.

What do we do? At CRSD we bring together leaders from the public, private and the not-for-profit sectors with academic thought leaders and subject matter experts to create robust, research informed, workable solutions to some of the world’s most complex challenges across three operational themes: good governance, responsible innovation and sustainable investment.

We deliver a variety of outputs tailored to diverse needs, including academic papers, challenge notes, case studies, in-depth project reports, and blogs.

To start a conversation with us, please contact Dr Nazia Habib: nsh29@cam.ac.uk

Visiting Scholars

Centre Fellows

Andrew Mitchell

Minister for Development and Africa

C. Peter Timmer

Harvard University

David Howarth

University of Cambridge

Kun-Chin Lin

US Space Force, Air University

Lucia Reisch

University of Cambridge

Nikhil Agarwal

IndiaGloba and IIT

Rajaj Rasiah

United Nations University

Robbie Stamp


Steve Evans

University of Cambridge

Steve McCauley


Elizabeth Carriere





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