Head of CRSD Research Centre Dr Nazia Habib was invited to make a five minute video address to an event organised by the Analytics Lab for Global Risk Politics at Peking University (PKU Risk-A-Lab). The event was held at the School of International Studies, Peking University on May 13, 2023, and celebrated the establishment of the PKU Risk-A-Lab with like-minded colleagues in the global risk studies community and generous supporters in public and private sectors.

Dr Habib spoke to the Chinese audience about working together and writing a different story for the future, knowing all the risks that we need collectively to tackle. She congratulated the research hub on launching and leading “such a wonderful initiative”, and noted that:

“Risk and resilience are intertwined. I think the tandem that you are looking to investigate into the political and also the scientific commitment into risk management is really beautiful, and it's really welcomed into the universe of scholars who are struggling on a day to day basis to come to understanding how we can create a resilient world for the future, when there are so many wicked challenges.”

Risk-A-lab is an interdisciplinary research hub that promotes collaborative and cutting-edge research on global risks, and seeks innovative solutions to urgent and profound global problems that are endangering the globalization process, and threatening the security and sustainable development of mankind.

The event served as a forum for leaders and experts to freely exchange insights, discuss the research agenda of global risk politics, and builds international partnerships to advance understanding of and to cope with globalization and global governance of risks.

Dr Habib added:

“You cannot control [wicked challenges] in one, or with second or a third or fourth degree risk management tools. They are just always automatically evolving, [so] that you have to put together multi-layer perspective and multi-layer tools and multi-layers of engagements to manage those risks. As I see it as an outsider … that the objective of this research centre is really going to create a global standard for those of us who are constantly struggling to create a resilient world.”

Xun Pang, director of PKU Risk A-Lab, expressed her sincerest gratitude for Dr Habib’s invaluable support in an email. She said:

“Your contributions have played a pivotal role in ensuring the resounding success of the event. Without a doubt, your video address emerged as one of the standout moments of the ceremony, captivating the audience and evoking a profound sense of excitement and resonance”