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CRSD is an international centre that advances transdisciplinary action-research in social science. To institutionalise good governance, sustainable investment, and responsible innovation in resilient and sustainable systems, we harness collective intelligence using our innovative systems-based methodologies.



CRSD is dedicated to fostering sustainable, equitable, and resilient futures where diverse stakeholders have the power to transform, at scale, the systems within which they operate.

We facilitate and accelerate the development of new, workable approaches to some of the world’s most intractable problems. We use and develop interdisciplinary tools and techniques drawn from systems thinking and social sciences to catalyse and institutionalise transformation.

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Our Methods

CRSD stand out through our unique approach to action-research and complex systems-based research. Our methodology drives creative collaborations between diverse stakeholders, to frame the right questions and devise actionable policies and strategies.

We deliver a variety workshops, seminars, courses, academic papers, challenge notes, case studies, in-depth project reports and blogs, all tailored to diverse needs.

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Sinews of Development: Event Series

Our Sinews of Development Series is our popular seminar program that brings together expert practitioners, policy makers, and academics to exchange views on challenging subjects such as sustainable development, peace and conflict, gender rights and education. Past Sinews events have featured distinguished speakers and participants from His Majesty’s Government, UK Parliament, the United Nations, BBC journalists, and world-class academics. We host one Sinews event per academic term.