Cambridge, UK (November 18, 2023) - Founder and Director Professor Nazia Habib and Visiting Scholar Mr. Waqas Ahmed (Director of the Khalili Foundation) led a thought-provoking workshop titled "Being Human is Powerful" at the Being Human festival on November 18.

In this workshop, participants explored profound questions about human uniqueness, diversity, language, culture and humanity's relationship with technology. Prof. Habib and Mr. Ahmed engaged attendees in reflective discussions and activities examining these themes to demonstrate their unique action-research approach used in tandem with systems thinking. By illuminating topics at the intersection of the humanities, arts, culture, diversity and technology, the workshop empowered participants to think critically about their shared humanity.

The Being Human festival hosted over 350 events nationwide this year, providing unique opportunities for researchers to engage the public on humanities themes relevant to contemporary society. Prof. Habib and Mr. Ahmed's workshop embodied this spirit in an inspiring way.