The European Union Sustainable and Circular Textiles Strategy will significantly impact the EU textile sector at all stages of the value chain. Other proposed or adopted EU Directives will also significantly impact the sector. 

The EU Textiles Strategy provides a ‘framework’ for action by the industry – but details need to be crafted in collaboration with industry. One approach is to implement changes at strategic points in the fashion system that are powerful enough to leverage transformation: 

Where, in the EU fashion system, are the most effective intervention points to leverage the transition towards sourcing fully closed loop synthetic fibres by 2030, what are these interventions, and how will the transition costs be met? 

To explore 'out of the box' thinking on this complex issue, we used the Cambridge Boot Camp Methods developed by CRSD, at the University of Cambridge, to identify these leverage points and create ideas for interventions, using the collective and broad knowledge, experience and perspectives across all workshop participants. 

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