Academic profile

Carolin uses household datasets to study how households make investment decisions to better understand demand for housing and financial investment. At the moment, she is intrigued by preferences, attitudes and beliefs, such as risk aversion or expectations, and how they lead to different outcomes, particularly for women.
Carolin is open to supervising students in the areas of housing economics and household finance, e.g. on projects looking at the role of real estate in households’ portfolios or the effect of beliefs and preferences on housing and financial outcomes, to mention just a few.



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Research interests

Financial and housing wealth: savings, consumption, investment and borrowing decisions, and their link with demographic factors, risk attitudes, expectations etc.



Key publications: 

Bartsch, F., Buhlmann, F., Kirschenmann, K. and Schmidt, C. (2021). Is there a need for reverse mortgages in Germany? Empirical evidence and policy implications. EconPol Policy Report 31, April 2021.

Schmidt, C. (2021). Strong tenant protections and subsidies support Germany’s majority-renter housing market. Brookings Institution brief. In "Comparing Rental Housing Markets Across the Globe", Jenny Schuetz, series editor. Washington DC: Brookings Institution.

Schmidt, C. (2019). The quest for affordable owner-occupied housing in Germany. Journal of European Real Estate Research 12(3), 365-379


Housing economics and finance, household finance, behavioural finance, historical housing