By nature the issues we deal with are complex and inter-related. We need to understand systems which interact and consider the intersection of different ways of thinking. It drives us towards pragmatism and a practical policy-based focus.

Our work on law closely links with that being done in economics and systems. We look at law through the lens of rules and institutions, their design and use and social impact.



Broadly, the way we govern our environment has impacts for all people and places across the world. Our work in this area tries to understand how best to harness good governance in order to maintain, safeguard, and improve environmental standards, biodiversity, and natural resources.


Public Policy:

We research public policy as it pertains to the natural and built environments. This is important for ensuring that any measure by decision-making institutions prevents or minimises harmful effects of human activities across all ecosystems, regions, and urban areas. The effect of public policy on our environment is complex and is in constant flux, and our research aims to better understand what public policy should aim to achieve, and how best it can work to attain these goals.


Primary Research Centres & Courses