The new podcast from the Department of Land Economy...

"Changing Cities" is the podcast series of the Department of Land Economy, at the University of Cambridge.


Dr Stefania Fiorentino interviews academics within the Department as well as alumni and guests who are working to create more liveable, sustainable and equitable cities.

Each episode will feature one topical issue, and how research done in the Department is helping to influence changes and to tackle some of the most pressing issues and challenges of our time like global inequalities, climate change and the digital transition.


"Changing Cities" offers a fresh perspective on the most pressing issues facing urban areas today. The podcast series explores the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of urban environments. Our cities are constantly changing, with new opportunities and challenges, that are at the heart of our work in Land Economy.


Join us as we discover how cities are transforming and what it means for our future.

[More details will follow.]