We research and teach around geographic space and place. How we value it, how we regulate it, how we optimise our use of it, how we protect it, how we share it and how this impacts us as societies, citizens and individuals. Our Postgraduate courses look at these questions from various important angles. You will join a multi-disciplinary department with fields of expertise which include economics, law, planning, finance, and understanding of urban and rural dynamics, the built and natural environment, sustainability and climate change, society and demographics.

Our globally leading postgraduate courses are taught courses which are known for their academic depth and opportunity to meet and study with a cohort of academically ambitious fellow students and leading academics. We draw on both research and applied knowledge to give you the ability to take a problem you may have never confronted before and be able to apply that understanding to a suitable solution.

  • MPhil in Real Estate Finance

    In a competitive international business environment, real estate professionals need a sophisticated understanding of finance, economics and law to succeed. The MPhil in Real Estate Finance has been designed to provide rigorous training in the latest concepts from these three key areas as applied to international real estate markets.

    The MPhil in Real Estate Finance involves an intensive period of full time study. The programme may also serve as an entry point into PhD training for those interested in pursuing research in real estate finance in greater depth.

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  • MPhil in Environmental Policy

    Successful environmental policy depends on the ability of its makers to bring together scientific information, analytical thinking and an awareness of the legal, socio-economic and political realities of environmental regulation. There is a need for experts with sophisticated analytical skills, a profound understanding of the current nature of regulatory structures and a sound knowledge of both local and global environmental trends. These skills are sought after by governments, international organisations, companies and non-governmental organisations in order to identify environmental problems, assess their nature and scale and provide solutions.

    This intensive ten-month taught programme brings together academic and applied knowledge to give you the foundations and skills for real-world environmental policy work.

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  • MPhil in Planning, Growth and Regeneration

    Spatial disparities in economic growth and development have been an entrenched feature across the globe. In the United Kingdom devolution and place-based policymaking have underscored the critical role of effective strategic planning for spatial, industrial and environmental development. In Asia and Africa the unprecedented urbanisation and the rise of mega city regions bring about new challenges for planning for sustainability. Technological advancements and crises such as climate change and pandemics are generating and accelerating trend changes in cities and towns. There is an increasing need for experts with the capability to manage growth and disruptive changes of various scales through cooperation with a wide range of professionals and stakeholders, and with an international perspective.

    This course aims to provide advanced skills training for understanding the complex nature of planning, growth and regeneration issues, and for developing transdisciplinary skills for devising and assessing spatial planning solutions.

    The MPhil in Planning, Growth and Regeneration involves an intensive period of full time study. The programme may also serve as an entry point into PhD training for those interested in pursuing research in planning, growth and regeneration in greater depth.

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  • MPhil in Land Economy Research

    This is a course of instruction at an advanced level. You will already have a strong background in Land Economy related subjects and is aimed at those wishing to pursue a PhD and an academic career.

    The course will provide you with a broad grounding in social science research methods and to apply this in some area of Land Economy. The course provides strong research training through the Social Science Research Methods Centre (SSRMC) Training programme.  This includes coursework across both quantitative and qualitative research methods and other aspects of research training.

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  • MPhil in Land Economy by Thesis

    This is a 12 month full-time, entirely research based course, enabling you to enhance on your intellectual, practical and research skills.

    This course is aimed at those who already have sound research skills from a prior degree and/or other relevant experience, and who want to undertake a purely research degree. This is a thesis and oral examination only research masters, the culmination of which is the submission of a 30,000 word thesis. 

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  • MSt in Real Estate (Part-time)

    Established in 2016, the Real Estate Masters Programme is a two-year part-time Master of Studies (MSt) course offered by the Department of Land Economy and drawing on the multi-disciplinary strength of both the Department and the University. It is aimed at experienced professionals and those identified as future leaders in the real estate industry and combines academic rigour with significant industry input.

    This is a two-year part-time course delivered through a combination of distance learning and attendance at residential sessions in Cambridge and enables students to continue with their professional career whilst studying for a Masters qualification.  The course aims to equip participants with a broader knowledge of all aspects of the real estate industry, insight into a range of long-term themes and strategic issues in the market as well as developing a range of research and other skills.

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  • MSt in Climate, Environment and Urban Policy (Part-time)

    Applications for the new MSt in Climate, Environment and Urban Policy will open in Autumn 2023, for entry in Autumn 2024.

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  • Ph.D. in Land Economy

    Land Economy offers a full-time PhD programme. The Department currently has over 70 PhD students at different stages of the programme, working in a range of areas.

    The Department is part of the University's ESRC Doctoral Training Centre for Social Sciences.

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What is a Cambridge MPhil?

Our MPhil full-time taught masters courses are intense 10 month programmes. You undertake eight modules and write a 12,000 word dissertation. We also offer a part time Master of Studies in Real Estate (MSt) and postgraduate research courses (PhD).

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