Academic profile

Dr Davide Luca is an Associate Professor of Economic Geography. His research is interdisciplinary, cutting across Economic Geography, Political Economy, and Public Policy. Before joining Cambridge University, Dr Davide Luca was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and worked for the European Commission. He holds a PhD in Economic Geography from the London School of Economics and Political Science, where he is a Visiting Fellow. More information about him can be found on his website:



Paper 7 – Regional Economics and Policy

PGR03 – Spatial Economics

PGR05 – Place-based Policy


Research interests

Davide’s research explores the growing patterns of territorial inequality that have been opening up across many advanced economies, in the forms of regional as well as urban-rural divides. He focuses on three main interrelated areas of inquiry: (1) analysing whether territorial inequality is purely driven by market forces, or it is also affected by institutional and political factors; (2) exploring the contextual effects of place on individual attitudes; (3) analysing how public policies can contribute to redressing territorial inequality.




Economic Geography, Political Economy, Public Policy, Regional inequalities, Urban-rural divides