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Department of Land Economy

Environment, Law & Economics

Studying at Cambridge


Dr Maria Abreu

Dr Maria  Abreu

University Lecturer in Land Economy

Office Phone: (01223)337112

Key Publications

Journal publications

  • Abreu, M. and Grinevich, V. (2014). Academic entrepreneurship in the creative arts. Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy. Forthcoming.
  • Abreu, M., Faggian, A. and McCann, P. (2014). Migration and inter-industry mobility of UK graduates. Journal of Economic Geography. Forthcoming. doi: 10.1093/jeg/lbt043.
  • Smit, M., Abreu, M. and de Groot, H. (2014). Micro-evidence on the Determinants of Innovation in the Netherlands: The relative importance of absorptive capacity and agglomeration externalities. Under revision for Papers in Regional Science. Forthcoming. doi: 10.1111/pirs.1206.
  • Abreu, M. and Grinevich, V. (2013). The nature of academic entrepreneurship in the UK: widening the focus on entrepreneurial activities. Research Policy 42(2), 408-422.
  • Abreu, M., Faggian, A, Comunian, R, McCann, P (2012). “Life is short, art is long”: the persistent wage gap between Bohemian and non-Bohemian graduates. Annals of Regional Science 49(2), 305-321.
  • Abreu, M., Grinevich, V., Kitson, M. and Savona, M. (2010). Policies to enhance the “hidden innovation” in services: evidence and lessons from the UK. The Service Industries Journal, 30 (1), 99-118.
  • Abreu, M., de Groot, H. and Florax, R. (2005). A meta-analysis of beta-convergence: The legendary 2%. Journal of Economic Surveys, 19(3), 389-420.
  • Abreu, M., de Groot, H. and Florax, R. (2005). Space and growth: A survey of empirical evidence and methods. Région et Développement, 21, 13-44.

Book chapters

  • Abreu, M. (2013). Neoclassical growth models. In Fischer, M. and Nijkamp, P. (Eds.), Handbook of Regional Science. Amsterdam: Springer. Forthcoming.
  • Abreu, M. and Grinevich, V. (2013). Academic interactions with private, public and not-for-profit organisations: the known unknowns. In  Ferreira, J. Raposo, M., Rutten, R. and Varga, A. (Eds.), Advances in Spatial Science: Cooperation, Clusters and Knowledge Transfer. Amsterdam: Springer, 181-206.
  • Abreu, M. and Grinevich, V. (2013). Academic entrepreneurship and the geography of university flows in the UK. In Crescenzi, R. and Percoco, M. (Eds.), Advances in Spatial Science: Geography, Institutions and Regional Economic Performance. Amsterdam: Springer, 187-206.
  • Abreu, M. (2011). Absorptive capacity in a regional context, in P. Cooke, B. T. Asheim, R. Boschma, R. Martin, D. Schwartz, F. Tödtling (Eds.), Handbook of Regional Innovation and Growth. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 211-221.
  • Abreu, M. and Savona, M. (2009). New regional policies for less developed areas: The case of India, in Nijkamp, P. and Capello, R. (Eds.), Handbook of Regional Growth and Development Theories. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 479-494.

Book reviews 

  • Abreu, M. (2009). Entrepreneurship, Industrial Location and Economic Growth - Edited by Josep Maria Arauzo-Carod and Miguel Carlos Manjón-Antolín. Growth and Change 40(2), pp. 369–372.

Policy reports

  • Abreu, M. (2012). Good practices in the selection and use of outcome indicators. European Commission, Brussels.
  • Abreu, M., Grinevich, V., Kitson, M. and Savona, M. (2011). The changing face of innovation policy: implications for the Northern Ireland economy. DETI, Belfast.
  • Abreu, M. (2008). Effectively dealing with slums. Background Paper for the World Development Report 2009: Reshaping Economic Geography. World Bank, Washington DC.
  • Abreu, M., Grinevich, V., Kitson, M. and Savona, M. (2008). Taking services seriously: How policy can stimulate the ‘hidden innovation’ in the UK’s services economy. NESTA, London.
  • Abreu, M., Grinevich, V., Kitson, M. and Savona, M. (2008). Absorptive capacity and regional patterns of innovation. Background paper for the Innovation Nation White Paper. DIUS, London.
  • Abreu, M. (2005). Changing patterns of child malnutrition in Indonesia. Background Paper for Making the New Indonesia Work for the Poor. World Bank, Jakarta.
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