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Dr Zhaoyang Liu (Leo) PhD (Cantab) MPhil (Cantab) MSc (Beijing Normal) BSc (Beijing Normal)

Assistant Professor in Applied Economics at the Department of Land Economy. Areas of his research interest include impact evaluation of environmental policies and valuation of ecosystem services in both rural and urban contexts, using applied economic methodologies such as micro-econometrics and economic experiments. He was Lecturer in Environmental and Health Economics at the University of Glasgow before joining Cambridge.




Paper 1B: Macroeconomics (texts: Blanchard, Mankiw)

Paper 16: Land, Food and Ecosystem Services (economics and policies of rural land use)



Key publications: 

Liu, Z., Banerjee, S., Cason, T., Hanley, N., Liu, Q., Xu, J. & Kontoleon, A. (2024). Spatially coordinated conservation auctions: A framed field experiment focusing on farmland wildlife conservation in China. American Journal of Agricultural Economics.

Liu, Z. & Huang, H. (2022). Valuing water purification by forests: A production function approach using panel data from China's Sichuan provinceEnvironment and Development Economics, 27(6), 491–510.

Liu, Z., Hanley, N & Campbell, D. (2020). Linking urban air pollution with residents' willingness to pay for greenspace: A choice experiment study in BeijingJournal of Environmental Economics and Management, 104, 102383.

Liu, Z., Xu, J., Yang, X., Tu, Q., Hanley, N. & Kontoleon, A. (2019). Performance of agglomeration bonuses in conservation auctions: Lessons from a framed field experimentEnvironmental and Resource Economics, 73(3), 843–869.

Liu, Z. & Kontoleon, A. (2018). Meta-analysis of livelihood impacts of payments for environmental services programmes in developing countriesEcological Economics, 149, 48–61.

Liu, Z., Gong, Y. & Kontoleon, A. (2018). How do payments for environmental services affect land tenure? Theory and evidence from chinaEcological Economics, 144, 195–213.



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