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Department of Land Economy

Environment, Law & Economics

Studying at Cambridge


Dr Franziska Sielker

Dr Franziska Sielker

Lecturer in Planning and Housing

Deputy Director of Graduate Programme

Associate Member of CCHPR

16-21 Silver St, Cambridge CB3 9EP
Office Phone: +44 (0)1223768064

Other Professional Activities

Exemplary Research Projects

  • ARL International Working Group (2020-2023):  Beyond the process – Finding common ground for a discussion on planning’s substantial foundation, together with Junior-Prof. Dr. Meike Levin-Keitel, funded by the Academy for Territorial Development in the Leibniz Association. Further information beyond-process
  • Mrs. ESPON: European Macro-regional Monitoring Tool. (2020), Leadpartner: MCRIT Spain
  • International Planning Studies - Miniproject (2019-2020): Perceptions of China's Belt and Road Initiative - A comparative discourse analysis of Newspaper Outlets, together with Sina Samadi, Dr. Katrin Gliemann, Elisabeth Kaufmann, Santhiya Vanajanathan, Dr.Genet Alem and Robert Barbarino, funded the Faculty of Spatial Planning, TU Dortmund University.
  • International Planning Studies - Miniproject (2019): Asianisation of European Planning through the Belt and Road Initiative, funded the Faculty of Spatial Planning, TU Dortmund University.
  • Early Career Research Project, Centre for Digital Built Britain (2019): Future Cities in the making – overcoming barriers to information modelling in socially responsible cities, together with Research Assistant Amarynth Sichel, see also
  • British Academy Newton International Fellowship Postdoctoral Project (2017-2019):Power in Planning - Stakeholders' Choice of Power Channels in EU Sector Policies
  • Greater Cambridge Partnership: Analysis of common themes of reports on Cambridge (February 2018)
  • Future Cities and BIM: A European perspective on BIM, funded by the Centre for Digital Built Britain as part of the Digital Built Britain Mini-Projects Programmes (January to May 2018)
  • ESPON BRIDGES: Benefiting from unique Resources by applying Innovative Development strategies in territories with GEographical Specificities:      ESPON BRIDGES marks the start of a new phase in the analysis of territories with geographical specificities (TGS): mountain regions, islands, sparsely populated areas and coastal areas. The focus is not on whether TGS are lagging or not, but rather how they may develop in an increasingly integrated Single Market, and more generally in a context of economic globalisation. This implies enhanced exposure to international competition, deregulation and fiscal competition between countries, leading to limited public budgets. ESPON BRIDGES focuses on how ‘spatially blind’ policies, different types of market failures and path dependencies lead to a sub-optimal use of human and natural resources in TGS.

Other Publications

Selected Publications

Reviewed Articles in International Journals

  • Sielker, Franziska; Kaufmann, Elisabeth (accepted): The influence of the Belt and Road Initiative in Europe
  • Journal: Regional Studies, Regional Science RSRS
  • Sielker, Franziska (2018): The European Commission’s Proposal for a Cross-border Mechanism (ECBM): Potential Implications and Perspectives. In: Journal of Property, Planning and Environmental Law, Issue 3, 2018, DOI: 10.1108/JPPEL-08-2018-0024
  • Sielker, Franziska (2018): European spatial governance – towards a sectoralisation of spatial planning? In: Journal of Property, Planning and Environmental Law, Issue 2, 2018, DOI: 10.1108/JPPEL-03-2018-0011
  • Gänzle, Stefan, Stead, Dominic, Sielker, Franziska & Chilla, Tobias (2018): Macro-regional Strategies, Cohesion Policy, and Regional Cooperation in the European Union: Towards a Research Agenda. In: Political Studies Review.
  • Sielker, Franziska; Mirtl, Jörg (2017). Positioning EU Macro-regions – When Sectoral Policies Meet Cohesion Policy. European Structural and Investment Funds Journal (3/2017): 223 – 234
  • Sielker, Franziska (2016). A stakeholder-based EU Territorial Cooperation – the example of European macro-regions. In: European Planning Studies. 24 (11), pp. 1995 – 2013. Online available under:
  • Sielker, Franziska (2016). New Approaches in European governance? – Perspectives of Stakeholders in the Danube Macro-region. In: Regional Studies, Regional Sciences 3 (1) pp. 88 – 95.  Online available under:
  • Allmendinger, Phil; Chilla, Tobias; Sielker, Franziska (2014). Europeanizing territoriality- towards soft spaces. Environment and Planning A. 46(11) pp. 2703 – 2717. Online available under:


  • Sielker, Franziska (2017). Macro-regional integration: new scales, spaces and governance for Europe? Doctoral thesis. [] 

Book chapter 

  • Tobias Chilla, Anna Heugel, Franziska Sielker und Georg Glasze (2020): Monitoring von städtebaulichen Großprojekten Das Beispiel „Siemens Campus Erlangen“. Mitteilungen der Fränkischen Geographischen Gesellschaft (ISSN 0071-8173).
  • Sielker, Franziska; Stead Dominic (2019): Scaling and rescaling of EU spatial governance. In: Abels, Gabriele; Battle, Jan (2019) Regional Governance the EU. Regions and the Future of Europe. pp. 124–139 Edward Elgar
  • Chilla, Tobias; Sielker, Franziska; Fráně, Luděk; Weber, Jürgen (2019): Chilla, Tobias; Sielker Franziska (Eds) (forthcoming). Grenzüberschreitende Raumentwicklung Bayerns. Forschungsberichte der Akademie für Raumordnung und Landesplanung.
  • Sielker, Franziska; Rauhut, Daniel (2018). The Rise of Macro-regions in Europe. In: Medeiros, Eduardo: European territorial cooperation. Routledge
  • Sielker, Franziska; Kurze, Kristina; Göhler Daniel (2018). Governance der EU Energie(außen)politik und ihr Beitrag zur Energiewende. In: Kühne, Olaf; Weber, Florian (Eds) Bausteine der Energiewende. Springer
  • Chilla, Tobias; Gänzle, Stefan; Sielker, Franziska & Stead, Dominic (2017). European macro-regional strategies: a new research agenda. In: Trondal, Jarle (ed). The Rise of Common Political Order-Institutions, Public Administration and Transnational Space. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, pp. 127 – 153.
  • Sielker, Franziska (2017). Governance der EU-Donauraumstrategie – Eine Analyse der Mehrwerte und Herausforderungen der makroregionalen Kooperation aus Akteurssicht. In: Bos, Ellen; Giessler, Christina; Walsch, Christopher: Die EU-Strategie für den Donauraum auf dem Prüfstand - Erfahrungen und Perspektiven. Tagungsband zur Konferenz der AUB in 2013. Nomos
  • Stead, Dominic; Sielker, Franziska; Chilla, Tobias (2016). Macro-regional Strategies: Agents of Europeanization and Rescaling? In: Gänzle, Stefan; Kern, Kristine (Eds): A Macro-regional Europe in the Making. Theoretical Approaches and Empirical Evidence. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 99 – 120
  • Sielker, Franziska; Chilla, Tobias (2015). Regionen als ‚Soft Spaces‘? -Das neue EU-Instrument der makroregionalen Strategien. In: Kühne, Olaf; Weber, Florian (2015). Bausteine der Regionalentwicklung. VS-Verlag, pp. 41 – 54.
  • Sielker, Franziska (2014).  Soft borders als neues Raumkonzept in der EU? – Das Beispiel der makroregionalen Kooperationen. In: Grotheer, Swantje; Schwöbel, Arne, Stepper, Martina (Eds.) Arbeitsbericht der ARL 10. Hannover, pp. 79 – 94
  • Diplom-Projekt F 11 2009: Participatory Forest Management in East Africa – The Case of the Bale Mountains, Ethiopia. In: Gaesing, Karin (Eds.) 2009: Reconciling Rural Livelihood and Biodiversity Conservation – Lessons from Research and Practice. Spring Research Series Nr. 52. TU Dortmund, pp. 163 – 171.


Policy Papers and Published Consultancy Work

  • Sielker, Franziska; Chilla, Tobias (2017). Evaluating and monitoring macro-regional strategies. In: Interact Programme (2017) Making the most of macro-regions – Trends. Analysis. Recommendations. pp. 84 – 90. []
  • Chilla, Tobias; Sielker, Franziska (2016). Measuring the added-value of the EUSDR - challenges and opportunities. Input Paper for European Commission, DG Regio and Danube Strategy Point, Brussels. []
  • Böhme, Kai; Gustedt, Evelyn; Finka, Maros; Schön, Karl Peter; Sielker, Franziska; Zillmer, Sabine (2014). ARL Position Paper, No. 101 Response to the European Consultation on the Future of the Europe 2020 Strategy. []
  • Entwicklungsgutachten (2016). Entwicklungsgutachten Bayerisch-Tschechischer Grenzraum, Projektbericht im Auftrag des Bayerischen Staatsministeriums für Finanzen, Landesentwicklung und Heimat.
  • Chilla, Tobias, Sielker, Franziska (2016). Leitfaden Wohnraumprognose. Lehrforschung "Regionalentwicklung - Konzepte der Wohnraumentwicklung" im Wintersemester 2015/16 und Sommersemester 2016, Institut für Geographie, Erlanger Signatur: 12GG / F 2a 129


Editorial Work

  • Chilla, Tobias; Sielker Franziska (Eds) (2019). Grenzüberschreitende Raumentwicklung Bayerns. Forschungsberichte der Akademie für Raumordnung und Landesplanung.
  • Sielker, Franziska; Vonhoff, Katja (Eds) (2015). Proceedings – Conference on the EU Strategy for the Danube Region: Challenges and Chances 2014 – 2020.  []


Working Paper and other Articles

  • Chilla, Tobias; Sielker, Franziska; Othengrafen, Frank (2017). Governance diffusion in Europe - the EGTC tool and its spatial implementation patterns. Working Paper No. 2. Online: [‐governance‐diffusion]
  • Krause, Cindy; Sielker, Franziska; Schattanek, Josephine; Smorra, Layla; Tulke, Melanie (2016). Herausforderungen der kommunalen Planungspraxis – Geprägt von zunehmender Unsicherheit und Risiko? In: ARL Nachrichten 2.2016
  • Sielker, Franziska (2016). What could the future role of macro-regional strategies in the EU be? – Four scenarios. Working Paper No. 1/2016 Published: 22.09.2016. [ what-could-the-future-role-of-macro- regional-strategies-in-the-eu-be-four-scenarios/]
  • Sielker, Franziska (2016). Neuere Kooperationsformen in der EU – Makroregionale Strategien und Europäische Verbünde für territoriale Zusammenarbeit, In: PLANERIN 1/2016, pp. 28 –31
  • Chilla, Tobias; Sielker, Franziska (2015). Europeanisation and macro-regional cooperation – Nine points for discussion. In: Sielker, Franziska; Vonhoff, Katja (Eds) (2015). Proceedings – Conference on the EU Strategy for the Danube Region: Challenges and Chances 2014 – 2020.
  • Sielker, Franziska (2013). Impressions of RSA Conference 2013. In: Regions. No. 291, 3/13 p. 35
  • Sielker, Franziska (2012). Makroregionale Strategien in Europa – Eine Einführung in die EU-Donauraumstrategie. In: RaumPlanung 165/6-2012: ESPON European Spatial Planning Observation Network: pp. 46 – 50. IfR. Dortmund
  • Sielker, Franziska (2012). Makroregionale Strategien der EU und Soft Spaces. Perspektiven an der Donau. TU Dortmund, Fakultät Raumplanung. []
  • Sielker, Franziska (2012). The EU Strategy for the Danube Region - The Emergence of Soft Spaces and the Role of Actors. Proceedings of the 26th Annual Congress of the Association of European Schools of Planning, 11.-15. July 2012. Ankara, Turkey,