Academic profile

Lauren specialises in Property & Private Client Law, particularly Estate Planning, Trusts, and Inheritance Tax.  Experienced dual qualified Barrister, Private Client Solicitor, Mediator and member of the Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners (TEP).  Lauren has extensive lecturing and training experience, having delivered for the past 14 years to a broad range of audiences, both academically and professionally. Lauren is a member of Queens’ College Cambridge.


Lauren delivers on the Tripos ‘Law of Real Property: Principles, Policy and Economic Implications paper and on the Tripos Landlord and Tenant Law paper.  She also supervises on the Tripos Private Law paper and on the Legal Issues in Land Use and Finance MPhil Land Economy research paper.


Research interests

Property Law: International and Comparative, Private Client Law, Succession Law, Trusts, Landlord and Tenant Law.


The Law of Property in Northern Ireland, Colourpoint 2014


Property Law, Private Law, Landlord and Tenant Law