Academic profile

Marco Felici is a PhD Candidate at the University of Cambridge (Department of Land Economy and Darwin College). His research spans household finance, housing, subjective well-being and mental health.

Research interests

In his PhD thesis, Marco explored how housing tenure transitions can be framed as events from a statistical perspective, and what the implications are for studying the consequences of housing tenure. The thesis focuses on three outcomes: portfolio choice, mental health and voting behaviour. More broadly, Marco’s research is concerned with households and individuals, studying questions in housing, household finance, subjective well-being and mental health and combining theory insights from the broader social sciences with modern empirical methods.


Peer-reviewed publications:

Fabian, M., Alexandrova, A., Coyle, D., Agarwala, M., & Felici, M. (2022). "Respecting the subject in wellbeing public policy: beyond the social planner perspective." Journal of European Public Policy.

Working papers:

Felici, M., Kenny, G., & Friz, R. (2022). "Consumer savings behaviour at low and negative interest rates." ECB Working Paper Series No 2736.

Felici, M. (2022). "The long view on housing tenure and mental health." SSRN.

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Fabian, M., Agarwala, M., Alexandrova, A., Coyle, D., & Felici, M. (2021). "Wellbeing public policy needs more theory. " Bennett Institute for Public Policy.





Housing, household finance, well-being, mental health