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Research interests focus on real estate as an investment in a broad variety of dimensions that relate to economic and financial stability, efficiency and pricing.   These include the scale and characteristics of real estate,  the role of real estate in investment portfolios, the drivers of real estate performance, how decisions are made concerning real estate, how different characteristics affect performance

Recent publications include “the Size and Structure of the UK Property Market”, “Long-term Value Methodologies in Real Estate Lending” for the Investment Property Forum and the Bank of England (identifying measures of sustainable values to help improve financial stability), “Do Specialist Funds Out-perform?” (winner of a major international  award (the Nick Tyrrell prize) for high quality applied research in real estate investment).  awarded by a range of UK and European industry bodies), “Long lease real estate – a revised role for real estate in pension fund portfolios”.

Outside the University, Nick has a portfolio of adviser and non-executive roles including Chair of the Lord Chancellor’s Strategic Investment Board, External Assurance adviser to the Official Solicitor and Public Trustee,  Investment Adviser to one of the UK’s largest pension funds and serves as the independent investment committee member of several European real estate funds.


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Course Director MSt

MSt REM3 Private real estate funds and investments

MSt REM4 Real estate appraisal and decision-making

MSt REM6 Development

MPhil RE02 Real estate finance and investment

Tripos Part 2 – Paper 15 – Advanced techniques in finance and investment


Real estate, investment and finance

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