Academic profile

Ian is Emeritus Professor of Rural Economy and a Life Fellow of Hughes Hall.  He came to the University of Cambridge in 1983 and was the Gilbey Lecturer until 2000.  He retired in 2019.  Prior to Cambridge he lectured in agricultural economics at the Universities of Newcastle and Queensland.  He was head of Department of Land Economy, 2002-2011. 

He is currently a member of Defra’s Economic Advisory Panel and the National Trust East and Midlands Regional Advisory Group.  He is a trustee of Markshall Estate in Essex.  He was previously a President of the Agricultural Economics Society, Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and a trustee of Nene Park Trust. He was President of the Queensland Branch of the Australian Agricultural Economics Society, 1981.

Ian undertakes research and has published widely in the areas of rural environmental governance, property institutions, rural development and land use, including books on Rural Employment (with Martin Whitby), Countryside in Trust (with Janet Dwyer), Environmental Economics, and the Governance of the Countryside.




Lecturing on Paper 16: Land Food and Ecosystem Services in 2022-23.


Research interests

Ian’s current focus is on the development of the Environment Land Management schemes in England and the implementation of local environmental governance.



Key publications: 

Recent publications

  • Hodge, Ian (2023)  Supporting nature conservation through an ecosystem services policy. Chapter 7 pp121-135 in Andrew L. R. Jackson (ed.) Nature Law and Policy in Europe, Routledge, London.
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Rural environmental governance, Land use policy, property institutions and governance