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Department of Land Economy

Environment, Law & Economics



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Land Law and land registration: international and comparative

Landlord and tenant law

The United Nations and international law, with special reference to the Middle East


Key publications: 

Megarry & Wade: The Law of Real Property (2019) (Sweet & Maxwell) 9th Edition

Ruoff & Roper: The Law of Registered Conveyancing (Sweet & Maxwell) (2021)

Modern Land Law (Routledge) 12th Edition (2021)

Textbook on International Law (2013) (OUP) 7th Edition

Stitching Together Modern Estoppel in Landmark Cases in Land Law Nigel Gravells (Ed), 2013 

Modern Studies in Property Law (Ed) 2005 (Hart Publishing)

Contemporary Perspectives on Property, Equity and Trusts (Ed) (OUP)

Title by registration or conquest: interpreting the Land Registration Act 2002 in England and Wales I.J.L.B.E. 2013, 5(3), 194-206

To sell or not to sell: that is the question: the irony of the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996 (2011) 70 CLJ 579.

Equitable Co-ownership: Proprietary Rights in Name Only? in E Cooke (Ed), Modern Studies in Property Law Vol. 4

Proprietary and Non-Proprietary Rights in Modern Land Law pp 8 – 28 (Chapter 1) in Land Law: Issues, Debates, Policy, edited by Louise Tee, Willan Publishing (2002).

Proprietary Estoppel and Formalities in Land Law and the Land Registration Act 2002: A Theory of Unconscionability pp 165-182, (Chapter 9) in Modern Studies in Property Law, Vol. 2, edited by E Cooke, Hart Publishing (2003).


Confining and defining proprietary estoppel: the role of unconscionability (2010) 30 Legal Studies 408

Consenting Away Proprietary Rights pp. 181-201, (Chapter 11) in Modern Studies in Property Law, Vol. 1, edited by E Cooke, Hart Publishing (2001).

The Land Registration Act 2002: A Risk Assessment [2003] Conv. 136

Combating the mortgagee's right to possession: new hope for the mortgagor in chains (1998) 18 Legal Studies 279


Other publications: 


For recent publications see: 

Land Registration and Time Travel: reforming the land registry [2014] 78 Conv. 189

The Sound of Silence: Easements to make a noise [2014] 78 Conv. 79

A Not So Conclusive Title Register? [2013] 129 LQR 320

Reaching up for the box in the attic: mortgages and overreaching [2013] 77 Conv. 165

Teaching and Supervisions


Land Law

Landlord and Tenant Law

Equity and Trusts

Privilieges and Immunities of the United Nations

Research supervision: 

Currently supervising a range of Ph.D candidates in aspects of property law as part of the Cambridge Centre for Property Law's research programme. Please contact to discuss proposed research topics.