Dr Stefania Fiorentino, Senior Teaching Associate in Planning, Growth and Urban Regeneration, has been appointed 'Chercheuse invitée' at Sciences Po (Centre d'études européennes et de politique comparée).

While in Paris, Dr Fiorentino will be working on a project entitled 'The politics, governance and business of density', hosted by Professor Marco Cremaschi. The project aims to expand the already published research on the business and value of densification strategies in the UK, looking comparatively at a selection of case studies in France. The first research visit will have an exploratory nature, in order to set the foundation for more extensive future collaborations. The visiting period will be partially funded by a CamPo Faculty Exchange Grant.

Dr Fiorentino said of her appointment that she is

... delighted to be working in such a prestigious institution learning from French colleagues and expanding her portfolio of case studies.