A collaborative project between the Department of Land Economy, the Department of Engineering, and the Department of Computer Science and Technology has won funding from AI@Cam, the University's new flagship interdisciplinary AI initiative.

The project was one of five to be selected from over 70 submissions to the 'AI-deas' Challenge.

Jerry Chen, a postdoctoral researcher in Dr Li Wan's research group at the Department of Land Economy, said,

"We are honoured to be one of the winning teams for the AI-deas Challenge. The AI-deas Challenge supports ambitious projects using Artificial Intelligence to address critical societal issues. It is selected by ai@cam, the University’s new flagship mission to drive AI innovation.

Collaborating with the Department of Engineering and the Department of Computer Science and Technology, our interdisciplinary team is led by Dr Kwadwo Oti-Sarpong at the Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction, who was previously a Research Associate in Land Economy.

We will investigate how local authorities in England are using AI to make decisions about issues such as placemaking, land use and mobility, and sustainable water supply systems to create public value. The project will develop resources for local authorities to make ethical and informed choices and the use of AI as part of digitalisation initiatives."