A new book co-edited by Professor Shailaja Fennell, Deputy Head of the Department of Land Economy, has recently been published by Cambridge University Press and Assessment.

'Social Choice, Agency, Inclusiveness and Capabilities' was also co-edited by Dr Flavio Comim, who is an Affiliated Lecturer at the Department of Land Economy.

Here is the blurb of the book:

The capability approach is a versatile framework rooted on issues of justice and multidimensional assessment of quality of life developed in the 1980s as an alternative approach to prevailing mainstream development ideas focused narrowly on economic development. Most closely associated with the work of Amartya Sen, it has become of great interest to development scholars from a variety of different disciplines. Much has already been done exploring the conceptual foundations of the capability approach and discussing Sen's contribution to the field, but few books have explored the links between social choice (another field with rich contributions by Sen) and human development issues. Featuring many of the world's leading experts on social choice theory and capability indicators, Social Choice, Agency, Inclusiveness and Capabilities combines these interrelated themes into one volume and fully explores the relevance of social choice to human development.