The Cambridge Land Economy Advisory Board  (CLEAB) has been providing support and  advice to the Department of Land Economy at  the University of Cambridge since 2012. 


CLEAB provides a platform to engage senior industry players and professionals with the current academic initiatives and the fresh ideas of our students. This combination of experience and innovation helps shape debates about issues that are likely to influence the market and society in the future and help us develop recommendations to face those challenges.


CLEAB works closely with the Cambridge University Land Society (CULS), and its main activities are to:


-        Promote the Department of Land Economy and its various programmes and initiatives within the UK and internationally;

-        Provide strategic support based on market practice, experience, current trends and future concerns;

-        Assist in the  recruitment  and placement of  students  upon finishing their studies within the Land Economy Employment Programme (LEEP);

-        Find sponsors the publication of the annual Real Estate Finance Resume book;

-        Fully support the Land Economy Mentoring Scheme by participating and involving professional of all related fields to mentor graduate and undergraduate students;

-        Assist and encourage links between the natural and built environment professions and the Department of Land Economy;

-        Give presentations and lectures on current practices, career paths and personal experiences on related subjects within the Real Estate Investment and Finance Practice Seminars;

-        When appropriate, assist  in  shaping   and   supporting   the  curriculum of all educational programmes related to the Department of Land Economy;

-        Raise funding for the Department to support research, scholarships, grants, prizes for best student performances and career fairs.


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