University and College funding opportunities

The Graduate Admissions Office website also provides information on funding administered centrally within the University.  It also provides the CamFunds database that contains information on other funding, such as that offered by Colleges. Applicants are advised that funding deadlines are often earlier than the closing dates for courses and that they should thoroughly research their funding options and the relevant deadline dates suitably in advance.  Students who wish to be considered for central funding (for example funding from the Cambridge Trusts) must ensure that they complete the relevant section of the application form and supply the additional personal reference as required.

Department funding opportunities

The Department currently has ESRC funding.  This funding is only available to UK and EEA students.  The Department has ESRC recognition for the following course:
MPhil in Real Estate Finance (full time, 1+3)
MPhil in Planning, Growth & Regeneration (full time, 1+3)
MPhil in Environmental Policy (full time, 1+3)
MPhil in Land Economy Research (full time, 1+3)
PhD in Land Economy (full time, +3)
Studentships available to the Department have in previous years been limited to only one or two scholarships a year.  Applicants should apply for admission in the normal way.  The Department will consider all eligible candidates for this funding.

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