Hear what our students and visiting scholars have to say

  • MPhil in Environmental Policy

    The MPhil in Environmental Policy was an ideal way for me to gain experience and exposure to core concepts in economics and policy, which have stood me in excellent stead for my career. I had no previous interaction with economics and was initially concerned as to how I might fare on the programme, but many papers are taught in an introductory style which allows you to become familiar with the fundamentals first. I now work on climate change and its macroeconomic impacts at the Bank of England, and I use concepts I learned on my MPhil in my day to day work.

    (EP Student, 2021-22 cohort)

  • MPhil in Planning, Growth and Regeneration

    l chose MPhil in Planning, Growth and Regeneration to enable me contribute towards the development planning of my country. The rapid expansion and densification of cities in Ghana comes with urbanization related challenges such as urban sprawl, congestion, pollution, affordability issues and land insecurity. But with the skills and knowledge acquired, l am confident that l can join forces with other planners to bring a change to Ghana

    (PGR student, 2015-16 cohort)

  • MPhil in Real Estate Finance

    I really enjoyed the MPhil REF. While Cambridge is one, if not the most academic University in the World, I particularly liked to the bridge of theoretical concepts in combination with real live case studies; analysing existing projects and evaluating possible investments enabled me to not just comprehend new knowledge but employ it in a matter that I am sure has prepared me for my future job.
    Thank you very much for a great year and a program I can honestly say taught me more than any other course I have studied before.

    (REF student, 2015-16 cohort).

  • BA in Land Economy

    Coming from studying the International Baccalaureate at High School, I knew I loved studying many different things at once. Land Economy is similar, except everything that you study has binding themes of space, place, and the environment.. The papers in first year build the foundations for the second and third year, where there is equal breadth and depth in the options you can study. Within one day I can go from a lecture on the principles of English contract law, to a supervision on planning policy in France, to reading for an essay on urban policy in Singapore. This diversity in subject coverage is not only enriching, but so exciting!

    Zayaan Merchant, Homerton College, matriculated 2021


    The Land Economy Tripos blends together a multitude of complex disciplines, ranging from the fields of Economics, Law and Environmental Policy to name a few. By studying the course, students are allowed to combine the worlds of qualitative and quantitative studies, developing extremely useful skills and effectively being prepared for further studies/work. One of the best parts of the course structure is the emphasis on real-world application, with every theory that is taught students also analyse how best to implement this in practise – which is very valuable for students looking to translate their studies to the real world and socio-economic issues. There is scope for further specialisation within the course which is certainly appealing to students, as we are allowed to choose the papers that we study in 2nd and 3rd year – meaning that students can decided to deepen their knowledge of one key discipline if they are more interested in that specifically.

    Kris Bhargava


    Even in Year 1 where you only take compulsory papers your studies range from maths to economics to law to real estate. This allows you to get a good feel of what you enjoy and informs your option papers in 2nd and 3rd years.

    You are worked hard (not as hard as other subjects) and the whole Cambridge scene is a fantastic university experience

    In my view, the course is taught very well. You're taught by ex-MPs, top lawyers and field experts and the supervisors are equally good

    Tripos student



  • Visiting Scholars

    It has been an incredibly enriching experience, contributing significantly to my research and offering me invaluable insights. The welcoming and supportive environment, not to mention the wealth of knowledge shared by everyone, made my visit not just beneficial but truly enjoyable.

    PhD Student 2024


    Our visit to Cambridge, with its rich academic environment, was incredibly enriching, and this experience was made even more valuable thanks to the exceptional support from you and the Department of Land Economy. I would also like to express my sincere gratitude for the ongoing support and guidance provided by Andreas. His mentorship has been a cornerstone of my research journey, offering invaluable insights and helping me navigate the complexities of my research with great success.  The collaborative atmosphere at Cambridge, has significantly contributed to the positive progress of our work.

    Lin Zhou and Chenyu Fang, Academic Researchers 2023