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Would you like to make a positive impact on the environment and help reduce your University’s carbon footprint?  Green Impact is the University's environmental accreditation scheme, and it supports Departments and Colleges across collegiate campus in reducing their environmental impacts. The Department of Land Economy currently has Platinum Award status, and we intend to maintain this top level of sustainability over the coming years.

It would be great to get as many students involved as possible!

Not only is it a fantastic way to meet academics and staff in the department, but it also contributes to our University-wide effort to make positive changes to energy and water consumption, waste reduction, biodiversity and wellbeing.  It may also prove to be useful for some Tripos papers or even your third-year dissertation.

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If you would like to get involved with the Land Economy Green Impact Team, please email Lynda Haines, our Green Impact Coordinator at

Also if you're postgrad, why not complete the Environmental Sustainability Induction Online Module.  It's only 30-minutes long and gives an excellent introduction to the University's Environmental commitments and start to build your knowledge so you can contribute to meeting these aims.  SIGN-UP HERE:


A twelve-week programme for students at Cambridge who want to learn to make change happen. 

No experience is needed - you will have weekly training sessions and we can help you plan your intervention as part of the programme.

You will design, implement and evaluate your own environmental sustainability-related intervention, aligned with the the University's Environmental Sustainability Vision, Policy and Strategy.

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Provides opportunities for you to improve environmental sustainability on the University estate through projects, internships and research.  It draws on the expertise and talent of students and staff to encourage application of knowledge to the real-world context; to enhance your skills; to increase connections between people, and provide more opportunities to reach the University's mission "to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning, and research".

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If you would like to get involved in the Green Impact awards directly, the Sustainability Team is always looking for new volunteers to help.  At the end of each academic year the Departments and Colleges taking part in Green Impact are all audited by a team of students to verify what they have done and confirm their award.  "The auditing has been a great way for me to gain both training and practical environmental auditing experience.  Also, I got to visit parts of the University that I may never otherwise see!" - Green Impact Auditor, 2017

For more information on this and all sorts of other exciting opportunities to get involved go to our Students Getting Involved webpages:

You can also follow the Sustainability Team on Twitter @CambridgeSust

However you chose to participate, it would be great to have you on-board!