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Diana Khripko

is a Senior Solution Development Specialist and works with industry and local authorities on innovation in sustainability and digitalisation. She has been part of the Solution Development team since autumn 2018. Diana supports clients in the following key areas: developing effective technology and innovation strategies particularly focused on sustainability and digitalisation, enabling the sustainable and digital transformation of organisations as well as cities and municipalities and creating more effective innovation systems in general and specifically linking different areas of innovation to achieve greater value. As a research practitioner in innovation management, Diana has a deep interest in using science and technology to respond to the challenges of climate change, population growth, energy poverty and resource depletion. She is enthusiastic about energy transition and sustainable smart cities. Before becoming an innovation and technology-focused specialist, Diana has been conducting research in smart grids, distributed energy systems and industrial energy efficiency and has been working in the energy sector in Germany. During this time, she analysed and developed energy market designs for developing countries and supported large energy utility companies to optimise their business processes. She has a strong record in project management and delivering complex high-value projects. Diana holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from University of Kassel, Germany, a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering – Environmental Technologies and certificate degree in Innovation Management.



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