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Professor Elisabete A. Silva and Kelvin MacDonald

Research Topic

Revealing digital divide through spatial analysis of social media data in rural China


Dr. Jin Xu is an associate professor at Southeast University, China, specializing in urban and rural planning. She is currently a visiting scholar at the Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge. Jin is a member of the Women’s Planning Committee and a young member of the Urban Planning Institute of China. She holds a BA in architecture and a PhD in urban and rural planning from Tsinghua University, along with an MPhil degree in PGR from the University of Cambridge.


Jin’s research spans interrelated areas critical to addressing challenges of spatial inequality, including land use, digitalisation, gender differences, public policy and planning evaluation. She has provided consultancy widely to a diverse range of local governments and planning institutions, and has actively participated in voluntary collaborations on neighbourhood planning and community development.


Dr. Jin Xu’s recent research interests focus on the application of data-driven approaches to understand and uncover the spatial patterns of inequality between urban and rural areas. She is particularly interested in the disparities arising from the digital divide and investigates this interdisciplinary field, combining insights from spatial analysis, rural studies, planning and public policy, information and communication technology (ICT) studies, sociology, and economics. Research on the digital divide serves as a foundation to foster a more inclusive and equitable digital society and to promote more sustainable planning strategies.


List of Publications

  • Authored books

XU, J. (2021) Evaluation of Planning Performance: Theory, Principle and Method. Nanjing: Southeast University Press.

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Zhang, T., Wennersten, R., Gu, Z., Xu, J. and Yin, M. (2019), Aqua-Urbanism: A Joint Planning Studio of Sustainable Urban Development. Nanjing: Southeast University Press.


  • Articles in peer-reviewed journals

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  • Article in edited books

Xu, J. and Da, Y. (2023) Place Attachment and Community Impacts of 24-H Convenience Stores: A Case Study in the Central City of Nanjing, China. In Arif Hasan & Christian Benimana (Eds.), Design for Health (pp. 197-206). Springer Nature.