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Suzhou University of Science and Technology


Professor Elisabete A Silva

Research Topic

Study on spatial evolution characteristics and mechanism of manufacturing industry of big cities in UK and China


Dr. Min Zhou is an associate professor from Suzhou University of Science and Technology. She holds a PhD and a bachelor degree from the Department of Urban and Rural Planning, Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China. She is also  a National Certified Urban and Rural Planner. Her research interests include urban and rural spatial development mechanism and system, urban industrial space, urban renewal governance.

List of Publications

  • Institution Driving:Spatial Evolution of Manufacturing Industries in Metropolitan Areas, Book; 2021; Dongnan Press:Nanjing,China.
  • Public Space Satisfaction Evaluation of New Centralized Communities in Urban Fringe Areas—A Study of Suzhou, China. International Journal of Evironmental Research and Public Health,2023. (SSCI)
  • Research on transmission system and path of territorial spatial planning based on full chain governance. Journal of Natural Resources,2022.(CSSCI)
  • Research on the dispersed development mechanism of rural industry since 2000:based on the perspective of post-earthbound embeddedness.Urban Planning.2022. (CSSCI)
  • Effects of Institutions on Spatial Patterns of Manufacturing Industries and Policy Implications in Metropolitan Areas:A Case Study of Wuhan,China. LAND,2021.(SSCI)

Research Grants/Projects

  1. Scenario Simulation and Guidance Strategy of Spatial Development of Manufacturing Industry in Big Cities under the Influence of Institution: A Case study of Wuhan (funded by the National Natural Science Foundation,2019-2021)
  2. Study on Preservation and Inheritance of Spatial Cultural Characteristics of Historic Towns in Jiangsu Section of Grand Canal Cultural Belt (funded by Jiangsu Federation of Philosophy and Social Sciences,2022)
  3. Spatial Development Strategy and Institutional Innovation of Suzhou Manufacturing Industry under the background of Industrial Transformation (funded by Suzhou Federation of Philosophy and Social Sciences,2018)