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Regional Economics


Prof. Weimin LI currently serves as an Academic Researcher at Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge. He is a professor at School of Economics at Liaoning University being the PhD supervisor of Regional Economics. He is also the founder and director of China Future Creative Class (CFCC) Program.


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Research Grants/Projects

  1. Liaoning Industrial Internet and Regional Integration Development Research, Major Project of Liaoning Provincial Social Planning Fund, Project Leader, 2022-2023
  2. Liaoning Promoting Industrial Internet Development Research, Key Commissioned Project of Liaoning Provincial Social Planning Fund, Project Leader, 2022-2023
  3. Research on the Integrated Development Path of Inclusive Finance and Green Finance in Liaoning, Liaoning Provincial Department of Education Service Local Project, Project Leader, 2022-2023
  4. Research on the Integrated Development of Consumer Finance, Green Finance and Inclusive Finance, Project Commissioned by Shenyang Branch of Industrial Bank, Project Leader, 2022-2023
  5. Research on the Integration of Liaoning Revitalization into the Domestic Circulation, Major Project of Liaoning Provincial Social Science Planning Fund, Project Leader, 2021-2022
  6. Empirical Research on the Construction of Financial Consumer Rights Protection System for Financial Institutions, Project Commissioned by Shenyang Branch of Industrial Bank, Project Leader, 2022-2022
  7. Annual Progress Assessment of Counterpart Cooperation between Northeast China and Eastern Region, National Development and Reform Commission Project, Project Leader, 2017-2018