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Value of health risks related to air pollution and economic analysis in the context of ageing


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Peking University


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Yanying Wang is a PhD candidate at Peking University. She is currently a visiting student at CEENRG, working under the supervision of Professor Andreas Kontoleon at the Department of Land Economy at Cambridge. She is interested in exploring intricate relationship between environmental risks, adaptive behaviour, and health outcomes in fast-developing societies.




Research interests


Non-market valuation, Air pollution, Adaptive behaviours and Emerging technologies




  1. Qingyang Wu, Yanying Wang. How does carbon emission price stimulate enterprises' total factor productivity? Insights from China's emission trading scheme pilots [J], Energy Economics, 2022,109
  2. Tao Xue., Wang, R., Wang, M., Wang, Y., Tong, D., Meng, X., Huang, C., Ai, S., Li, F., Cao, J., Tong, M., Ni, X., Liu, H., Deng, J., Lu, H., Wan, W., Gong, J., Zhang, S., Zhu, T., 2023. Health Benefits from the Rapid Reduction in Ambient Exposure to Air Pollutants after China’s Clean Air Actions: Progress in Efficacy and Geographic Equality. National Science Review..Online ahead of print
  3. Tao Xue, Mingkun Tong, Meng Wang, Xinyue Yang, Yanying Wang, Huan Lin, Hengyi Liu, Jiajianghui Li , Conghong Huang , Xia Meng , Yixuan Zheng, Dan Tong , Jicheng Gong , Shiqiu Zhang, Tong Zhu. Health Impacts of Long-Term NO2 Exposure and Inequalities among the Chinese Population from 2013 to 2020, Environmental Science & Technology, 2023, 57,13, 5349–5357




Environmental Economics


Research Centres


College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering (CESE), Peking University

Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance