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Floris is a second year Ph.D candidate from Holland studying how economic agents respond to (the prospect of) climate change: To what degree is future climate change already priced into land and real estate? What triggers people to take action; what is the role of media attention and extreme weather events? To what degree is climate change adaptation possible and reflected in prices?


Before coming to Cambridge, he completed a double bachelor's degree in Law and Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam before doing an MSc in Economics & Finance at the University of St Andrews in the UK. He briefly worked in foreign development/sustainability in Berlin after completing his master’s.


Current projects include a paper on the effects of climate change on income, employment, and house prices in Alpine ski resorts (1985-2020) and a study on rental discounts associated with various climate-related natural hazards including flooding and (urban) heat.




Supervisor, Land Economy Tripos, Paper 6 (Fundamentals of Finance and Investment)

Supervisor, Management Studies Tripos, Economics of Firms & Markets





climate change economics; hedonic price models; real estate economics; climate change adaptation; regional economics