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Department of Land Economy

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Green Impact at Land Economy Overview

We are winners AGAIN 2020-2021!

The University of Cambridge is a leading centre for environmental research, driving environmental policy and agenda around the world. 

The Green Impact Scheme is the University's environmental accreditation scheme. It helps support and encourage departments and colleges across the University to reduce their environmental impact and create more environmentally sustainable workplaces. The Green Impact team at the Department of Land Economy is dedicated to improving environmental sustainability and biodiversity at our building in Silver Street.

I’m delighted to announce that not only have we as a Department achieved the Green Impact Platinum Award for 2020-21, but we have also received special recognition “for taking extra sustainability action while working from home in 2020-21”

The Sustainability Team said:

“We are incredibly impressed that you have not only achieved your standard Green Impact award, but that you have gone above and beyond the requirements for meeting the platinum criteria. We hope this [special] certificate goes some way to recognising the extra action that has been taken from home.  Well done to everyone involved! This has been an exceptionally challenging year to say the least and I would like to thank you on behalf of the University community for managing to prioritise sustainability progress in such a difficult year.”

The Student Auditors said:

“The team has a really good precedent from last year’s Platinum achievement, which has stood them in good stead for rolling out initiatives and engaging colleagues during the pandemic.”  They were particularly impressed by our efforts to keep morale high through social events and competitions, as well as focusing on keeping momentum up from last year, maintaining good practices and engaging new team members.

We have also been recognised for our Green achievements in the University's 2019-2020 Annual Environmental Sustainability Report, which provides details of the University's successes in sustainability, the lessons learned and the plans for the forthcoming year. 

Check us out on Page 24 "Sprucing up Silver Street"

There is also an article "Reflections on Land Economy’s Green Impact in lockdown" in the University's regular Sustainability Newsletter Greenlines.  Just go to the webpage to sign-up or join one of the various Sustainabilty Yammer discussion groups at CU Sustainability

Unfortunately due to the ongoing COVID lockdown the department is still closed, so there are currently no updates via the Green Impact notice board, the screen in Reception, as well posters in the lobby and around the Department.  However, this website will be regularly updated.

The Green Impact Team at Land Economy includes:  Lynda Haines (LE Green Impact Coordinator), Sam Wyatt (Departmental Administrator), Liz McDonald (Department Receptionist), Pam Lee (Research Group Administrator and Wellbeing Advocate), Sergey Kolesikov (Research Associate), Tong Xu (Visiting Scholar) and Ariana Jessa (Master's Student).

If you would like to join the team or have any ideas on energy saving, waste reduction, reuse and recycling, sustainable purchasing, improving biodiversity or more? We would like to hear from you! Just email Lynda Haines.


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