• The Student Liaison Committee

    To ensure that senior staff hear about and resolve issues that affect you and to give students a voice in decisions made in the Department, Land Economy has an active Student Liaison Committee and student representatives on the Board of Land Economy. These representatives are one way for students to pass on any concerns, problems or suggestions for improvement, which then get forwarded and discussed at meetings with senior staff. Student Reps handle matters like teaching arrangements, course materials, paper content, the library, and the social programme.

  • The Mentoring Scheme

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    The Department of Land Economy runs a mentoring scheme, supported by the Cambridge Land Economy Advisory Board (CLEAB) to connect current students with contacts in industry. This unique opportunity gives you the chance to explore possible areas of specialisation and potential career paths following your degree. You may also have the chance to seek valuable advice and resources for your final year dissertation. Please see the Mentoring Scheme page for more information.

  • Cambridge University Land Society

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    The Cambridge University Land Society is an alumni society for alumni of the Department of Land Economy and those with an interest in careers in property. This active group hosts business and social events, talks, and career fairs, engaging alumni, members of industry, and current students alike. Visit the CULS website for more information.

  • Cambridge University Real Estate Finance and Investment Society (CUREFIS)

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    CUREFIS is a society run for students by students. Founded in 2012, the main purpose of CUREFIS is to widen the interest in, and understanding of, the real estate industry and property investment, especially among those students thinking of taking up a career in a related field. CUREFIS links influential academics, ambitious students and blue-chip and innovative finance sector employers, encouraging students to take an active role. Any student is welcome to join. For more information, visit their website.

  • Cambridge University Real Estate Finance Asian Alumni Society (CUREFASIA)

    CUREFASIA is established to better serve Cambridge alumni who have an interest in Asian real estate markets. Each year, we support the Faculty and alumni by organizing various events, including annual real estate conferences, field trips, industry networking events and alumni reunion dinners in major Asian cities and in London. We aim to integrate theory and practice in real estate finance and investment, and undertake fundamental research into real estate asset pricing and risk analysis that is relevant to the commercial real estate industry. Although an alumni society, current students are welcome to become active members. For more information please get in touch via email.