Due to the trans-disciplinary nature of a degree from the Department of Land Economy, graduates from our programmes are able to enter into a wide range of careers. Employers are very keen to recruit students from our Department, given their exposure to not just a rigorous Cambridge education, but also to subjects that will shape and transform the world in the future, such as climate change, energy security, safeguarding the environment, sustainability, food supply, and economics.

Our Department has an exceptional track record for career progression.

Graduates of the Land Economy Tripos work in areas as diverse as real estate, financial services, investment, consulting, environment-related, public sector, as well as national and international institutions. The top three sectors that graduates of our Land Economy tripos enter are:

  • 22% into Banking and Finance
  • 15% into Property-related roles
  • 8% into Consultancy

Many students (15%) will continue onto further study after graduating from the tripos.




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