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Department of Land Economy

Environment, Law & Economics
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An intensive ten-month taught programme combining the perspectives of environmental economics and environmental law on the design, implementation and assessment of environmental policy.

As human population grows, economic development proceeds and new technologies arise, society faces more complex and previously unknown environmental problems. These problems need to be addressed in the context of an increasingly globalised economy where significant differences in environmental conditions and quality of life persist. Already existing regulatory structures add another layer of complexity.

Successful environmental policy depends on the ability of its makers to bring together scientific information, analytical thinking and an awareness of the legal, socio-economic and political realities of environmental regulation. There is an increasing need for experts with sophisticated analytical skills, a profound understanding of the current nature of regulatory structures and a sound knowledge of both local and global environmental trends. These experts are increasingly sought after by governments, international organisations, companies and non-governmental organisations in order to identify environmental problems, assess their nature and scale and provide solutions.

The MPhil in Environmental Policy involves an intensive period of full time study. The programme may also serve as an entry point into PhD training for those interested in pursuing research in environmental policy in greater depth.

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