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Department of Land Economy

Environment, Law & Economics
Hauser Forum 2

An intensive ten-month taught programme that provides relevant skills to professionals involved in managing local economic growth and regeneration, regulating land use, undertaking strategic planning and who seek an international perspective.

In the United Kingdom, moves to devolved government and decision taking at the regional and local levels are generating an increased requirement for well trained professionals who are capable of providing the knowledge and analytical skills required. Across Europe increased economic and monetary union is emphasising the need for Member States to consider how those involved in urban and regional government can tackle the spatial disparities in economic growth and development that have been such an entrenched feature of the last twenty years. In the Far East and North America a similar level of interest is being shown in how governments can best ensure more geographical balance in development.

The design and implementation of spatial policies to manage the process of growth requires professionals with a multidisciplinary skill base and an international perspective on best practice.

The MPhil in Planning, Growth and Regeneration involves an intensive period of full time study. The programme may also serve as an entry point into PhD training for those interested in pursuing research in planning, growth and regeneration in greater depth.

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