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Department of Land Economy

Environment, Law & Economics
Hauser Forum 2

An intensive ten-month taught programme that provides relevant skills to professionals involved in managing local economic growth and regeneration, regulating land use, and undertaking strategic planning.

Spatial disparities in economic growth and development have been an entrenched feature across the globe. In the United Kingdom devolution and place-based policymaking have underscored the critical role of effective strategic planning for spatial, industrial and environmental development. In Asia and Africa the unprecedented urbanisation and the rise of mega city regions bring about new challenges for planning for sustainability. Technological advancements and crises such as climate change and pandemics are generating and accelerating trend changes in cities and towns. There is an increasing need for experts with the capability to manage growth and disruptive changes of various scales through cooperation with a wide range of professionals and stakeholders, and with an international perspective.

The course aims to provide advanced skills training for understanding the complex nature of planning, growth and regeneration issues, and for developing transdisciplinary skills for devising and assessing spatial planning solutions.

The MPhil in Planning, Growth and Regeneration involves an intensive period of full time study. The programme may also serve as an entry point into PhD training for those interested in pursuing research in planning, growth and regeneration in greater depth.

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